I am Ashok Veda. Welcome to my website.

Currently serving as CEO for Rubixe, an AI company. In 17 years of my professional experience, a major part spent on technology innovation and Analytics, working with European Commission smart city projects based in Amsterdam. I hold an MBA degree from the University of Amsterdam, PG in Business from IIM Ahmedabad, and an engineering degree from NIT Warangal.

As an AI researcher, I am obsessed with the field of AI. I find it an absolute wonder that we could recreate human intelligence. AI domains viz., Computer vision, Natural Language processing, GANs, reinforcement learning are fascinating technologies, and with the current pace of AI technologies evolutions, we are not far from super AI that could beat human intelligence in every sphere. I strongly believe that AI has immense potential not only to disrupt the businesses but also to better the life on our planet.

We live in very interesting times – The era of Artificial Intelligence

In this website, I primarily intend to share information on disruptive technologies (AI in particular ).

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