Day 3: Embracing the Snow – Dayara Bugyal Trek

Apr 13, 2024 - 11:34
Apr 13, 2024 - 16:29
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Day 3: Embracing the Snow – Dayara Bugyal Trek

A Lighter Trail Ahead

Despite a chilly night at Gui where the cold tested our endurance, the morning brought renewed vigor and determination. Umar’s briefing was a welcome start, indicating that the day's trek to Chilapada would be less arduous than the first. This was reassuring news to all, especially the youngsters, who woke up with stories of the stars they had seen through the flaps of their tents.

With lighter backpacks and hearts full of excitement, we set off. The trail was gentler, winding through dense forests of oak and rhododendron, which occasionally opened up to reveal breathtaking vistas of the surrounding peaks. The beauty of the landscape was a constant companion, lifting our spirits and inviting frequent stops for photographs and quiet appreciation.

image: Anitha and Kamakshi, getting ready for trekking. 

The First Touch of Snow

As we neared Chilapada, the first signs of snow appeared, dusting the path with a delicate white layer that crunched under our boots. The children’s excitement was palpable—they raced ahead to be the first to step into the untouched snow, their laughter ringing through the air. It was in these moments, with snowflakes catching in our hair and the crisp air filling our lungs, that the magic of the Himalayas truly unfolded.

image: First snow at rainshelter before Chilapada campsite

Arriving at the Chilapada campsite was like stepping into a winter wonderland. The camp was blanketed in snow, turning it into an idyllic scene straight out of a holiday card. After setting up our tents, the real fun began. The entire group joined in to play frisbee, with makeshift rules adapted for the snowy conditions. The joy of the game, coupled with the stunning backdrop of snow-covered mountains, created a playful atmosphere that brought everyone together.

image: Chilapada Campsite

Building Snowmen and Memories

Among the most cherished moments of the day was watching my daughters, Akshaya and Aaradhya, building a snowman. This simple activity became a group endeavor, with trekkers of all ages joining in to add features and suggest accessories. It was a delightful sight, with everyone contributing, from finding stones for the eyes to scavenging a carrot from our kitchen supplies for the nose.

This shared playtime was not just about fun; it was a bonding experience that transcended age, background, and expertise. It reminded us all that at the heart of every adventure are the connections we make and the joy we find in simple pleasures.

A Night Under the Stars

That night, as we retired to our tents under a clear sky, the stars seemed to shine with added brilliance, reflecting the light of our experiences and the bonds we had formed. Lying there, listening to the soft whisper of snow against fabric, I felt a profound gratitude for the natural beauty surrounding us and for the people sharing this journey.

The trek to Dayara Bugyal was more than a physical challenge; it was an emotional and spiritual ascent into the heart of what it means to be part of a community, connected not just by the path we walked, but by the memories we created together. As sleep claimed us, wrapped in the silence of the Himalayan night, we dreamt of the meadows that awaited us and the adventures the next day would bring.

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